Tips On How To Become A Bridal Photographer

By Sally Wong

A wedding is the kind of occasion that people want to display pictures of for years to come. Your clients will be looking for a quality track record because it is such a special moment they want capturing. You can make a lot of money if you decide to be a wedding photographer. With the money comes the risk which you must manage well.

If this is going to be your first wedding shoot you will want to make sure your contract is written up properly and a disclaimer included in it. A disclaimer is something that can prevent you from being sued later on. There are a few reason you should not be held accountable for and they are failure of equipment, miss placed pictures after they were sent away, and photos that do not develop properly. Otherwise you could get sued for breach of contract.

The hourly rate and how many pictures are to be taken should also be included in the contract. Something else you should include would be the fees for developing and the fee of the album. Your client's requirements are important so make sure you talk it over with them. They might want a certain person or family they would like pictures of since they don't get to see them often, so that should be discussed as well if it is an issue.

Your clients will probably request certain photographs so make sure you make a list. Generally your clients will want pictures of the pre-ceremony, wedding ceremony, post-ceremony and of course the reception. Discuss with the clients about which shots they want and who's going to be in the pictures. Pay attention to what your clients are saying because each one will be different.

When you schedule your clients in make sure they pay you a deposit. Fifty percent is reasonable to ask for an up front booking fee. This will make sure you are covered in the event of a cancellation. So you don't end up bothering the bride and groom during the reception, arrangements should be made for when the remainder will be paid. They would think you were unprofessional and wish they had hired someone else.

If you are developing your client's pictures yourself, Photoshop is an excellent photo editing program. You can enhance the photos with all sorts of techniques such as flaw removal, montage, changing the color to black and which or sepia, as well as other unique features.

Look for ways to add extra value that you have not told them about. This will always generate good feelings. A special surprise will keep everyone talking and generating more business for you in the future. Think different. Imagine for example if you uploaded all their pictures onto a password protected part of your website so that they and their friends can login and view.

In the end doing wedding photography can be lucrative and fun as long as you build on your people skills. - 29943

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What Is Remote Viewing?

By Peter J Minks

Remote viewing is an innate psychic talent which every person possesses the potential to develop. When remote viewing, you can see places, things and people who you would not be able to see with your eyes or detect with your other four senses. However, once you learn to remote view you will be able to see things which you cannot be within visual range of.

Remote viewing is something entirely different from astral travel and other out of body experiences. Your spiritual body doesn't need to go anywhere; you can see distant people places and things from where you are.

You can think of remote viewing as a sort of dowsing where your psychic abilities are used to find what you want to look for. Remote viewing involves using extra sensory perception to find and view what you're looking for.

All of us possess psychic abilities which we have not yet developed. We use only about 10% of our brains; meaning that there's a lot of untapped potential which we can do many things with if we can learn to use these undeveloped abilities.

There are many practical applications for remote viewing, such as making sure that your children are safe and sound when you're away. Remote viewing can add to your security and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is OK.

What makes remote viewing different to other forms of psychic abilities is that anyone can learn how to do it. Studies on many non-psychic people have shown that once these people had been taught to enter into a sufficient trance-like state, they were able to engage in remote viewing with high levels of accuracy.

To start developing your remote viewing abilities, use these methods:

*Sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes. You should be sure there are no distractions before you begin.

*Breathe deep, regular breaths through your nose. Hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth to get more control over your breaths and prevent yawning.

*In order to succeed in remote viewing, you need to believe in your abilities. You have to believe that you can and will see people, places and things which you cannot see with your eyes.

*Start off with an easy object for your remote viewing to test your abilities. Try looking at yourself from across the room, as if you were watching yourself in a mirror. This is something which can be difficult to do at first; but focus and be patient with yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you'll learn to be able to see yourself from the perspective others see you.

*Once you can master the mental control needed to view yourself from a remote perspective, cast your remote viewing eye a little wider, and observe a location you know very well. Perhaps a parent's home or family member will suffice while you're training your mind. Notice small things that may be out of place, such as dishes on the sink or magazines on the table. When you get a chance, call and confirm what you saw. This reinforcement of what you've seen is important, because it will show you what your mind is really capable of achieving.

The next step is to try something a little more challenging. Try having a friend or family member in the next room repeating a motion while you try to remotely view them. Once you're done, see if you could perceive what they were doing. This exercise can tell you if you're really advancing in the development of your remote viewing abilities.

With practice and patience, your ability to remote view will steadily improve and it will become ever easier for you to achieve the trance state needed for remote viewing. Much like a hypnotic state, your body will be completely relaxed, but you will still be aware and your subconscious will be able to start working towards its potential.

Our psychic abilities are much more easily accessible via the sub-conscious, so the more you practice your remote viewing techniques, the better you'll become. - 29943

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For Canon's Range Of Power Shot Cameras

By Marcel Torres

If you need a camera that is light weight, simple to use, and takes good pictures, then you might want to have a look at the Canon power shot cameras. These are excellent for everyday use and take glorious photos without paying pro costs. Most are compact enough to go wherever you go.

Different models tend to have different amounts of both megapixels and memory. The megapixels will affect the standard of footage and memory will determine how many photographs your camera will save. They also have many different features available.

Depending on the model there are lots of features to make a choice from in the power shot series of cameras. They've got some that are water evidence. Some are way more light weight than others. Many of these cameras take pictures well in dimly lit areas. If you know precisely what you need then you can look at each model and see what features you need.

Most models are very basic. You simply point and click. These are great even for amateurs to take great pictures. They're very easy to use and require very little to take the pictures you need. This may be a good first camera for a younger person too.

The power shot series also has a semi-professional camera. These are great but they might need a touch more form the user. This isn't your basic point and shot and they could be rather more complex. It's not advocated for casual users who want to take pictures of family events like vacations. You may probably need more experience to take the type of photographs you would like with this.

Canon power shot cameras alter in price according to the model you select. These can be acquired from most retail outlets or on the web. - 29943

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How To Play The Violin Like A Master Pro- A Brief History Of The Violin

By Todd Harmons

Welcome to my history of the violin lesson. The violin history runs for centuries as an instrument that is used in various musical genres like classical, pop, jazz and country. It is a small, hollow stringed instrument with a long neck and four strings tuned from low to high; with each note having a perfect fifth to the one below it. This article covers a brief history of the violin. If you want to learn how to play the violin like a master go to this Violin Master Pro Site

The violin is made of different types of wood where the top is usually made of spruce while the sides and back are usually of maple. The fingerboard of the violin is usually made of ebony; however, sometimes ivory is used. Violin strings were originally made of gut but today they are made of different materials. The different kinds of violin strings give different tones and sound quality. Some violin strings also stay in tune, and last longer than the others. Violin strings today are usually metal, synthetic core or gut strings.

Metal violin strings produce pure, clear and loud tones and are easy to play. Beginners and intermediate players prefer using steel core strings. The synthetic core violin strings are made of the nylon perlon and produce subtler sounds than metal strings and dont have to be tuned often.

Today, there are also electric violins that send signals via an electrical pickup device. There are also electric violins that work only when plugged in. Electric violins have a solid body design with wiring and batteries found in its body. Being a fairly new invention, electric violin makers today can use their imagination to decide on the shape of the electric violin.

It is best to shop in violin stores for a better range of violins. There are some violin stores that sell violins from several different manufacturers, and some that manufacture their own violins. Some violin stores also rent and sell used violins. As new violins cost between two hundred to twenty thousand dollars, beginners usually rent violins or buy used ones. Whatever your choice, make sure that your violin comes with a violin case to provide it protection from any damage.

I hope you enjoyed this learn to play the violin like a master article. The history of the Violin lesson. If you are looking for the perfect solution to learning the violin, from start to finish, this is your answer. Violin Master Pro Site is the answer. - 29943

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Boston Bruins' Scoring Legend Phil Esposito

By Ross Everett

Although many of his offensive records have now been left in the dust by Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, former Boston Bruins/New York Rangers center Phil Esposito is still regarded by hockey experts as one of the greatest players in NHL history.

Esposito was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and his prodigious hockey talent quickly became apparent. He was signed by the Chicago Blackhawks as a teenager, and made his NHL debut in'64 quickly earning a spot on the teams top line between Bobby Hull and Marcel Dionne. In'67, Esposito was traded to the Boston Bruins along with Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield. Within a few years Hodge and Stanfield blossomed into All Stars, while Esposito quickly took his place alongside his former teammate Hull as the best scorer in the league. Suffice to say that Boston fans were of the opinion that theyd gotten the best of the deal.

It wasnt long before Esposito started to destroy long standing NHL records. In'69, he became the first NHL player to top the 100 point mark (combined goals and assists) for the season"he obliterated the record with 126 points, which would be the first of six times that hed top the century mark. He topped 100 points in five straight seasons between'71 and'75, missing a sixth straight season by a single point with 99 in'70. Bruins fans were fond of displaying car bumper stickers that read Jesus Saves; Esposito scores on the rebound.

In the'70-71 season, Esposito scored 76 goals to smash the NHL's single season scoring record. That record stood for over a decade until Wayne Gretzky scored 79 for the Edmonton Oilers in'81-82. Gretzky also broke Espositos single season points record of 154. Perhaps the most amazing element of Espositos game was the frequency with which he put the puck on net"Espo had 550 shots on goal in'70-71. No one has since come close"in fact, just last Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals became the first player to come within 100 shots of Espositos mark.

In'75, Esposito was traded to the New York Rangers where his experience, intelligence for the game and nose for the puck made him a valuable component of the Broadway Blueshirts offense and he was named team captain. Until the very end of his career, he remained a dangerous scoring threat that all opposing teams were forced to reckon with.

After his retirement in'75, he remained active in hockey. He served as the GM of the Rangers before helping secure an expansion team for Tampa, Florida in'92. Esposito served as the President and GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning until'98. Esposito now hosts a daily hockey radio show on XM Radio, and has even done some acting appearing in a recurring role as a fire chief on the TV series Rescue Me. - 29943

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Enhance The Decor Of Your House With Variety Of Oil Paintings

By Jenny Smile

Nothing can be as great as the paintings that can capture all the colors of life. There are some most beautiful creations of mankind and the paintings are one of them. They have a spell bounding power to put forth the real elements that evoke imagination. A huge variety of paintings are available in the market based on their specific types and oil painting is one of the finest forms of it.

When imaginations meet shining oily colors on the canvass it turns out to a beautiful oil painting. These are an antique form of art which are successfully marking up their presence to be stand out from the rest types. It is one of the ancient most styles of painting that is generally opted by the great artists and painters. The pictures made out of this style are tremendous and contains a realistic appeal.

Oil paintings are usually very rich and attractive with a distinguished flavor of creativity to play with magical colors. Mostly the oil paintings were originated in the middle age when people want to have the waterproof paintings. The oil-paintings were considered to be the more durable due to their long lasting resistance. This is why we are now even able to have the pleasure of the astonishing collections made by the great artists.

A few major types of the LDS oil paintings are enlisted as:

1. Temple Paintings

These paintings are made on the stunning temples situated around the world. The LDS temple paintings that are focused to tap the salient beauty of the temples will turn out to be a perfect investment for you walls.

2. Custom Paintings

It is really a break through style in which you can get your family photo painted with eye catching oil paints.

3. Historical Event Paintings

This type of paintings is based on the prominent historical LDS church events. It is a hand painted oil painting that allows you to be in that situation where the event has taken place.

4. Prophet Paintings

It is a unique type of painting that is a portrait of contemporary and past prophets or clairvoyants.

5. Jesus Christ Paintings

Jesus Christ Paintings are the flawless art work sketching our Lord and Shepherd.

Paintings are a way to create your memories alive and make them worthy to showcase. Life is really beautiful that is full of memorable moments and things which we always want to cherish. The desire to keep all the magnificent things along with us makes us insisted to keep all these mesmerizing moments in our memories. - 29943

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Wedding Photography: A History

By Amanda Mitchell

Wedding period is always tiresome & stressful. They are quite tough for those who are planning the wedding, but the maximum stress is always on the bride and the groom. People have dealt with the stress of weddings with the best of their abilities, because they have already recognized this plain fact

However, many expert service providers who specialize in managing weddings have emerged, so that you don't have to lose rest over how things will be managed on your wedding day. These services make sure that you can fully enjoy what would perhaps be the most significant day of your life. Pre-wedding photography is one of these special services.

Most experts trace the origin of pre-wedding photography to Singapore about 10 years back. However, the concept had been very prevalent even prior to the advent of expert pre-wedding photography. Pre-wedding photographs of couples have been taken for a long time by amateur photographers in many parts of Europe & the US, but with the rise of pre-wedding photography as a full-fledged professional service, couples across the globe have developed a fancy for this practice. Clear guidelines have been laid down in this new profession, and today it is not tough at all for you to find a photographer specializing in pre-wedding photography.

The driving forces behind the origin of pre-wedding photography are quite apparent. People have invariably felt the necessity for a service that could ease the pressure on couples on their day of wedding. With the passage of time, an increasing number of couples are realising that wedding is not only about the rituals, it is also about having a great time. On your wedding day, you must be free of all big commitments and responsibilities that use up your valuable time and stop you from enjoying the occasion.

Moreover, by going for pre-wedding photography, you also reduce the risk of things going wrong on the wedding day. There is ever the risk of bad weather or any other unexpected event spoiling your photographs.

To cater to this essential need, many recognized photography companies across the globe began providing pre-wedding photography services & the practice is catching up fast. No matter where you live, these services are getting popular by the day, and are becoming commonplace at weddings.

These days any great wedding photographer would recommend that you make complete use of this service. The photographer would be able to advise you about a good spot, would take up the responsibility of making all the arrangements, and would also address any particular requests that you may want him to take care of. - 29943

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